Music and its associations – it’s all in the mind

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LAMP  - where Interplay plays on May 24thAfter a recent Interplay gig a friend of about my age asked “Where does this stuff come from? It sounds like those cool American detective series from the early 1960s”. He was expressing pleasure both at the music and at how it connected him with something else he really liked.

It’s lovely that people attribute the same music with such widely varied associations. If the music is mine these are often ideas I have never even thought of! Of course the suggestive power of music and its ability to fire the imagination is one of its greatest qualities. But it still knocks me out – and makes me smile – when I hear comments like this. Continue Reading Music and its associations – it’s all in the mind…

‘The Music Lesson’ – Victor Wooten

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I’m indebted to Interplay drummer Dave Balen for sharing this with me, and I want to pass it on.

Many people agree that Victor Wooten is one of the greatest bass guitarists ever – that title seems to undervalue both the instrument and its contribution to music in general and in his hands particularly – nevertheless it’s his preferred term.

In this book Victor sets out to describe a transformation in his musical Continue Reading ‘The Music Lesson’ – Victor Wooten…

‘The Music Instinct’ by Philip Ball

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Philip Ball came to Leamington’s Café Scientifique last year and entertained a packed house with his slightly contentious thoughts about how music functions on the cognitive, aesthetic and emotional levels.  The session was all too brief and I willingly parted with the dosh for his book ‘The Music Instinct: how music works and why we can’t do without it’.  Not being a fast reader I have only just finished this substantial but engagingly written work  (I had to read ‘Daniel Deronda’ first).  Continue Reading ‘The Music Instinct’ by Philip Ball…

A Grand Re-Union

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‘I went down to the demonstration…’ (March for the Alternative, London, 26th March) but instead of abuse I was delighted to find myself in the company of Tony Haynes and members of the very wonderful  Grand Union Orchestra.   Imagine busking in the street with such luminaries as Claude Deppa, Chris Biscoe, Byron Wallen and Louise Elliott and you will appreciate my excitement!

Continue Reading A Grand Re-Union…

Digital Interplay

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Check these cool and unusual images from Kris Conolly of our gig at Hatton – click here  Digital Interplay Used by permission of the artist

Continue Reading Digital Interplay…

Interplay on home turf – for once

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Interplay at the Attenborough Centre, Leicester

Members of Interplay are hoping for a good turnout of friends and fellow-travellers when we play at Hatton Village Hall next Saturday, February 12th.  After 4 years of working around the East and West Midlands on the Rural Touring  circuit we finally have a village hall date in Warwickshire where the band is based!

There is something special about playing in a village hall.  Many of the audience know each other and the social dimension really counts.  Not all the audience are jazz fans by any means, but they come along with an open mind and to enjoy themselves.  Then there’s the hospitality – often delicious home-made food to keep our energies up because of major distances travelled and long hours put in.

The difference this time is that Hatton is just outside Warwick, about 10 miles from my home, and I’m unlikely to need motorway services on the way back for a late-night caffeine hit!

So please come and experience jazz in a different environment.  Tickets are going fast, and advance booking is recommended – details as follows:

February 12th  7.45pm  Hatton Village Hall, Birmingham Road, CV35 7LR Warwickshire  01926 484692

Soul Jazz Rendezvous

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A very thoughtful friend gave me a fab present – the extraordinary tome ‘Freedom Rhythm and Sound‘ by Gilles  Peterson and  Stuart Baker .  This erudite and attractively produced volume powerfully reminded me of the richness, creativity and sheer optimism of music, very largely black music, of the late 1960s and early 1970s.

There were very many small independent record labels at the time, and many ‘moving spirits’ remain relatively Continue Reading Soul Jazz Rendezvous…

Interplay CD now on Spotify

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Now you can hear whole tracks – indeed the whole album – on Spotify, the amazing on-line music library.  Just go to and search for Introducing Interplay.

In amongst our tracks there’s an oddity too – a poetic and sensuous appreciation of another artist, Continue Reading Interplay CD now on Spotify…

Surprise appearance with Interplay

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Steve Tayton


One of Coventry’s favourite sons, saxophonist Steve Tayton, will be sitting in with Interplay for a couple of tunes at our gig on Thursday at the Biggin Hall.

Steve was a prominent player in this region for many years, initially coming to the fore with jazz-rock outfit Pzazz.  In 1999 he was commissioned to write the suite ‘From Dark to Light’ for his jazz quartet and the Rolls Royce (Coventry) Band, a response to the changes in the Continue Reading Surprise appearance with Interplay…

Buskers in Barcelona

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Bossa in Barca

Just back from a wonderful week with the family in Barcelona.  We did all the usual tourist things, (amazing art and architecture) and managed to get slightly under the skin of the city’s musical life too.  Continue Reading Buskers in Barcelona…

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